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The website name "yttergryta" is a local term for "Ytre Grytøy", a name that refers to the three coastal villages of Grøtavær, Alvestad and Dale. These are situated on the northwest side of the island of Grytøya, to the north of the nearest town Harstad.

Traditionally, people here have been living from fisheries in combination with small scale agriculture. The archipelago of islets and skerries surrounding the northernmost village of Grøtavær has for generations been harvested for seagull eggs, cloudberries and eiderdown.

The recess in the local fisheries, together with politics favouring centralisation have, over the last decades, resulted in a major decrease in the population. In the 1950s and 60s, over 500 people lived on the northwest side of Grytøya. Since the 1990s, the population numbers only just above one hundred.

Today, the inhabitants of Ytre Grytøy are occupied within trades such as small scale agriculture and tourism. The place also has a primary and secondary school, a grocery store and a school centre for outdoor activities. There are only a few persons still working as fishermen. Several people work in the town of Harstad, and commute on a daily basis.

A lot of admirers choose to visit this beautiful place, especially during the bright season. The population doubles, as people visit their childhood homes during the summer holiday. Many tourists also come, to see the clear water and the white sea shores on many of the islets and skerries. From the sea shore, majestic mountains rise, and invite you for a refreshing hike. From around the 25th of May and until the 25th of July, you can also experience the midnight sun here.

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